QUMA. The quality – ensured instruments.

QUMA Elektronik & Analytik GmbH is a world leader in the field of combustible gas odorimeters both as individual and automated systems for monitoring odorant. Its odorimeters are well known through a unique sensor developed by advanced techniques and with the use of the latest scientific achievements.


The instruments by QUMA Elektronik & Analytik GmbH, which have been used all over the world for many, years, showed high dependability and efficiency. The are undemanding to operating conditions. In addition, the Manufacturer and its agents provide guarantee and after-sale service.


The company is the biggest Supplier of equipment for oil-and-gas industry, gas pipelines, and chemical industry in Germany, CIS countries and other counties. Its instruments permit to greatly automate the operations, make them cheaper and ensure high security.

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Qumat-110 has been entered in the State Register of Ukraine

"Ukrmetrteststand" government Co. have conducted official acceptance tests of odorimeter Qumat-110 and entered this odorimeter in the Ukrainian State Register for instrumentation.