16 August 2010.

QUMAT-110 has been entered in the State Register of Ukraine

Tehnokom Gas Service Ltd. in collaboration with "Ukrmetrteststandard" government Co. have conducted the official acceptance tests of the instrument Qumat-110 produced by "QUMA Elektronik & Analytik GmbH", thus completing the process of entering the above-mentioned odorimeter in the State Register of Ukraine for instruments.


Proceeding from the aforesaid some changes will be introduced in GOST 22387.5-77 "Gas for public utility uses. Testing procedure" and GOST 5542-87 "Combustible natural gas for industrial and public utility uses. Specifications".


GOST 22387.5-77 "Gas for public utility uses. Testing procedure" which was introduced by the Decree of State Committee for Standards at Soviet of Ministers, USSR dated 09.02.1977 under №600 since 01.01.1978 and extended in 1985 till 01.01.1992 by the Decree of State Standard dated 11.12.1985 under №3914 is actually invalid these days and gas intensity control methods are obsolete because more advanced quality equipment has come into existence which makes it possible to control the intensity of gas smell by content of ethylmercaptan or by chromatographic method.


Tehnokom Gas Service Ltd. is an exclusive agent of "QUMA Elektronik & Analytik GmbH" in Ukraine that have the rights and technical opportunities to test, maintain, and set up the instruments, as well as the calibration kits (designed to calibrate instruments), sensors and software (in Russian) adapted to Standards of Ukraine. The software to Qumat-110, made up by Tehnokom Gas Service Ltd., provides the relative instrument indications in points GOST 22387.5-77 and indications of odorant level in gas in mg/m3.


Qumat-110 odorimeters have been successfully used in Ukraine for over 6 years. Sane statistical data on defining the level of odorization by these instruments have been collected.


Nowadays, we are offering You the automated system for measuring the level of odorization which includes Qumat-11" portable odorimeter, a stationary control system and a calibration kit, a printer and connection to GSM-modem for transmitting data on-line.


This instrument can be used both in portable or stationary modification – at Customer's request. The instrument can automatically measure the level of odorization in pipelines every hour or other time period.


These instruments are multi-purpose and unique for monitoring odorant both in gas of a working area, and additionally of detecting ethylmercaptan, C4H10S, CH3SH, C2H5SH.


This instrument provides highly-accurate indications of the odorant level in gas.