The QFID ® -100 is a GC - headspace- combination. The operation is simple and easy. Therefore the QFID ® -100 is qualified for the production control in the company.

The QFID ® -100 work will be total self-contained. The system recognize whether 2 or e.g. 5 samples are available. These samples will be tempered a defined time. Thereafter the QFID ® -100 will inspect the gasphase of the HSS-vial. A chromatographic column separates the components. A FID- detector registers them. So it's possible to analyse 18 components within 9 minutes. Another analytic column for different components is possible.

A connected integrator evaluates the signals and brings out a quantitative report. The results will be calculated in e.g. mg / m2. Other relevant production data like roll number and customer data can be included in the report. It's possible to transfer the data to a host datasystem.


  • a defined sample quantity (e.g. 100 cm2 foil or ...) goes into a HSS- vial. The vial will be sealed.
  • this sample goes into the QFID ® -100. The START button must be pushed. Ready!
  • the instrument now analyse the sample and prints out the results e.g. in mg /m2. It's possible to run automatically up to 8 samples.