By its nature natural gas has nsmell, and the substances, i.e. odorants, such as tetrogidrotiofen (TNT), tert-butilmerkaptan (TVM), ethylmercaptane (EtM), methyl mercaptan (MeM) with an odor are added tit tensure the its safety. The content of these substances in the gas shall be controlled and regular under GOST 5542-87 and GOST 22387.5-77.

QUMAT110 works automatically, and a large liquid crystal display of the device provides a convenient readout of the information at any time of a day. The device can store measurements made at different time: time, date, year, measurements recording enables tfind the data measured quickly at any time, and tuse of QUMAT 110 with a PC makes it possible tclassify and tprint data measured. QUMAT110 saves 100 measurements in its EEPROM simultaneously. Application of modern NiMH rechargeable batteries enables tuse QUMAT110 as a portable device all day long. A car's lighter socket or a network charging unit supplied with the device can be used as a power supply.

Another sensor can be installed tmeasure other odorants. There is a possibility tinstall twsensors simultaneously in the device.

The QUMAT110 device controls odorants (ethyl mercaptan) in the gas and in the working area air with a pump, and at the same time it is able tdetermine the content of (3)3S, C4H10S, CH3SH, C2H5SH ensuring safety for individuals and enterprises using natural gas. Quality and usability of the device will provide you with safe use of natural gas.

This device is included in the State Register of Ukraine of measuring equipment, and it is recognized in the CIS countries.

Delivery Set

  • QUMAT110 device
  • Connecting sampling hose 1/8 "3 m (five pieces)
  • 220V / 50Hz Network charging unit
  • Software
  • RS-232 cable
  • User Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Options

  • Case for a device and its components
  • Device calibration set (calibration gas (TNT, TVM), a special reducer, a locking device, a metering valve)
  • Automated system for stationary installation of QUMAT and data recording during a day
  • Pump tcollect samples in the working area air
  • Adapter for charging with the help of a car battery 12 V
  • Printer



      Analytic Equipment
    • Measurement range is 2 - 100 mg THT/m3,(1 - 160 mg mercaptan/m3)
    • Measuring principle: Electrochemical detection of sulfur without chromatographic separation of sulfur
    • Correction of zer
    • Operating temperature: -5C...+40C


      Electrical Equipment:
    • 2-line LCD display with good lighting (usability, for example, tmeasure in the cellar, a backlight)
    • 100 measurements are stored in the memory
    • Registration of measurements during the day with automatic data calibration and transfer ta printer or GSM modem
    • I65 Protection

    Optional Features

  • Storing of the time, place and number of the measurement
  • Battery of a buffer clock for time and date
  • Programmed converting of mercaptans
  • Possibility ttransfer data through RS-232
  • Possibility ttransfer data tGSM modem
  • Possibility tmeasure gas odorization in the pipeline automatically every hour or other period of time (optional)
  • Determination of ethyl mercaptan ((3)3S), C4H10S, CH3SH, C2H5SH
  • Charge retention of Ni-MH battery for at least 10 days
  • The battery is recharged with 12VDC (car) or a power supply (a network charger)
  • Full charge is reached in 2 hours at most
  • Dimensions 197 x 98 x 40 mm

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