Special sampler for gas analytic with 250ml samples for sub pressure and pressured gas samples e.g.TOGA analytic (TOGA = Transformer Oil Gas Analytic).

Auto sampler special gas analytic at ppm range (also for sub pressure samples; inc. O2 detection at ppm level). The QHSS works with a VICI gas sampling valve. The live time of the system is some million injections.


  • 250 ml standard vials with screw caps (and special septa);
  • Quantitative analytic for sub pressure samples (inc. O2 at ppm concentration);
  • Automatically pressure registration and storage (-1 bar until + 1bar, ± 0,001bar);
  • 20ml HSS vials with adapters usable (for calibration);
  • Valve temperature up to 200 °C;
  • Automatically sample identification and changing of the sample sequence;
  • Injection program with Sample Loop technique (pressureing of max. +100 mbar are enough);
  • "Sample-Loop" or "Pressurizing And Injection" (PAI) injection technique available;
  • Easy accessible valve oven;
  • QHSS®-24 works also under remote control;
  • Dimensions approx.: 65 x 38 x 65 cm.